Unlock the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Developed by leading scientists at the University of Milan. ARMOSA (Analysis of cropping systems to optimise sustainable management in agriculture) is designed to simulate and enhance crop growth, water, and nitrogen dynamics under diverse agricultural conditions. This powerful model is now available, offering farmers, researchers, and agricultural policymakers a robust solution to improve crop management practices and promote sustainable agriculture.

Key Features

Dynamic Simulation

ARMOSA accurately simulates crop growth, soil water content, and nitrogen cycles, providing detailed insights into the interactions between soil, plants, and climate.

Data-Driven Precision

Calibrated and validated using extensive data from multiple monitoring sites, ARMOSA delivers reliable predictions on biomass production, leaf area index, crop nitrogen uptake, and soil nitrate levels.

Sustainable Practices

Evaluate the impact of different crop management strategies on soil health and groundwater quality, helping you implement eco-friendly practices that reduce environmental impact.

Climate Adaptation

Assess how various agroecological practices can mitigate climate change effects, ensuring resilient and productive cropping systems for the future.


Click the download button and follow the instructions to install the ARMOSA model on your system.